Surface treatments of metals and alloys


To complete the surface finishing services, Rossi Tre is also equipped with a booth for metallization.

Metallizing is a process by which a metal coating is applied to a previously sunblasted, shot-blasted or peened surface with certain roughness profiles.


In the metallization process the material melted by an electic arc (such as aluminium, zinc, copper, brass and other stainless alloys) and atomized by compressed air is projected onto the surface in order to create a coating.
The overlay thickness varies according to the customer’s requests.


Metallizing is used professionally in the field of corrosion protection of iron and steel. Thanks to this treatment, the artefact is protected from rust and will last for decades without the need for costly periodic maintenace.

This machining process is carried out by qualified personnel in an environment equipped with a suction system, an electric arc gun, and a lifting and handling system.

Where required by the specifications, the treatment is carried out only and exclusively by ACQPA-qualified personnel.