Surface treatments of metals and alloys


Our company has been painting large objects for over thirty years.

The metal painting treatment takes care of the aesthetic and functional factor while protecting the artefact.
We aim for quality every day. This is why we use the latest technologies and pay close attention to the choice of paints and solvents.

We apply multiple types of paints, including anti-foul, non-slip and intumescent paints. At the customer’s request we can carry out more complex painting cycles.

Paint is applied by means of spray, airless, mixed air, dipping or roller and B-Mix equipment. This wide range of equipment allows us to be extremely flexible in terms of the dimensions and types of products to be treated, including the inside and outside of pipes.

Where necessary, we prepare the product with seals and apply masking to ensure an impeccable result.

Operations are carried out by qualified personnel.
Where required by the specifications, we have ACQPA-qualified personnel.
Each paint comes complete with its safety and technical data sheet.


In our painting department there are five different work areas and each of them is equipped with state-of-the-art plants and machinery.


2 Suction grilled surfaces
Site 1
1 Suction Wall System11 x 6 mtSite 3
1 Suction Wall System10 x 5 mtSite 3
SAVIM Box Oven cabin 15 x 25 mtSite 3
Area dedicated to washing the pieces  Site 3