Surface treatments of metals and alloys


Although it is generally assumed that painting metals has a purely aesthetic purpose, this type of procedure also has a functional purpose. In fact, to meet the needs expressed by the customer, our company has been using particular and specific paintsfor years, such as anti-fouling, anti-corrosiveor anti-slip.

In our painting department, paints can be applied by spraying, airless spraying, o mixed-airspraying to products of different sizes, including pipes or tubular elements.

All operations are carried out by highly qualified and trained personnel in compliance with the current regulations and in constantly controlled environments. Each paint comes complete with its safety and technical data sheet


In our painting department there are five different work areas and each of them is equipped with state-of-the-art plants and machinery.


2 plants
Site 1
1 Plant11 x 6 mtSite 3
1 Plant10 x 5 mtSite 3
SAVIM booth15 x 25 mtSite 3
Area dedicated to washing the pieces12,5 x 8 mtSite 3