Heat Treatments

Heat treatments on metals and alloys

How it works

Rossi Tre S.r.l. boasts modern and cutting-edge plants and equipment for the heat treatmentof steel, iron, cast iron, titanium and other alloys, a process that improves the quality and resistance of your materials.

Our treatments consist in the heating and cooling cycles of metals or alloys, carried out under specific conditions and temperatures, to give the treated piece specific mechanical characteristics.

We perform different types of heat treatments, including tempering, annealing and isothermal annealing, normalizing and stress relieving.

All our systems are automated in compliance with the current regulations on the health and safety of operators. Rossi Tre pays special attention to compliance with preventive and protective measures and provides information and training to its employees, in order to create a safe working environment for all.

Customised heat treatments, also in the presence of the customer and/or inspectors 

Rossi Tre offers the possibility of carrying out specific heat treatments that are customised and tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Rossi Tre carries out heat treatments in the presence of the customer  and/or external inspectors.



Hardening and tempering

This type of heat treatment, consisting in hardening and subsequent tempering, makes the material harder and tougher, enhancing its mechanical characteristics. Hardening and tempering allows fully exploiting the characteristics of each steel for the required use.

Rossi Tre has different types of systems, which allow cooling in different ways and with different tempering means (water and quench water). Thanks to our automatic system we are also able to offer the possibility of hardening and temperingspecial steels and alloys, with results that reach the maximum of their potential, guaranteeing adequate cooling thanks to a very short transfer time (<24s).


The purpose of the annealing heat treatment is to soften the steel to make it easier to process mechanically, to eliminate the residual plastic stresses or to cancel the effects of a previous heat treatment.

Rossi Tre offers various types of annealing for steels and alloys, such as:

  • Machinability annealing
  • Isothermal annealing
  • Sub-critical annealing
  • Complete annealing

Isothermal annealing

The purpose of this heat treatment is tospeed up the processing of metal which consists in heating the piece at temperatures above 900 °C, followed by cooling at a relatively high speed.


This type of heat treatment, that can only be carried out on stainless steels and non-ferrous alloys (titanium, nickel, aluminium), allows improving the characteristics of materials such as:

  • mechanical resistance to ambient temperature or high temperature
  • corrosion resistance.

In particular, one of the main purposes of the solubilization of austenitic steels is to maximise their resistance to oxidation. This type of treatment is also carried out to:

  • completely eliminate the hardening state due to the (cold) plastic processing of the material
  • relieve residual stresses.

RossiTre, offers the possibility of solubilizing up to a temperature of 1200 °C with adequate cooling ensured by a very short transfer time (<24s).

Stress relieving

The purpose of this heat treatment is to reduce the internal stresses of the material without significantly altering the hardness, or modifying the mechanical characteristics.

In general, stress relieving is carried out on different materials, from hardening and tempering steels to stainless steels, to nickel alloys.


The purpose of the normalizing process is to refine the grain of the steel and therefore to allow the latter to uniform itself, thus reaching a microstructural balance.

This heat treatment is generally carried out on hot machining blanks to prepare the steel in the best way for further machining.


Furnace – Site 1100 ton.12.650 x 4.880 x h 3.740
Furnace15 ton.2500 x 4320 x h 1900
Furnace15 ton.2500 x 4280 x h 1900
Furnace500 kg500 x 800 x h 450
Furnace30 ton.2500 x 4320 x h 1900
Furnace30 ton.2550 x 5130 x h 1900
2 Furnaces15 ton.3000 x 3000 x h 2000
Furnace30 ton.2500 x 4820 x h 1900
Furnace50 ton.7600 x 2500 x h 1900