Aerospace and Defense Plant

How it works

On the brink of a new industrial revolution we wanted to design a highly efficient, technological and highly performing plant. With these objectives in mind, we have created a fully automated and interconnected plant that will allow us to optimize processes and timing.

The idea of designing this plant came from the CEO Davide Rossi, in keeping with his vision of directing the company towards new markets.

The Aerospace Systemrepresents a strength for Rossi Tre as it increases the quality of the heat treatment, by exploiting its repeatability.


  • very short transfer time – better temperature uniformity;
  • Max Temperature + 1200 °C
  • working area dimensions 3000x3000x2000 mmH;
  • space arranged for quenching in oil;
  • revolutionary water agitation;
  • tempering medium: water quench


  • 1 high-temperature furnace with fixed hearth
  • 1 low temperature furnace with fixed hearth with forced internal recirculation
  • 1 Automatic hydraulic loader
  • 1 Tank cooling system
  • 4 Loading and unloading bays
  • 1 Water tank for quenching and solubilization, with automatic slag extraction
  • 1 quench polymer tank for tempering, with automatic slag extraction
  • 1 Control panel with supervision system