Heat Treatments

Modern and automated systems are installed within the production department in compliance with the current regulations on health and safety of operators.

Rossi Tre is particularly attentive to compliance with preventive and protective measures, first and foremost through training and information.


To complete the processing cycle, Rossi Tre has also acquired some surface treatments to meet the needs of customers.
Many investments have been made also in the heat treatment department, in particular as regards equipment, personnel and healthiness of the work environment.

Rossi Tre strives to offer solutions to guarantee final products of excellent quality with a remarkable aesthetic impact.



The race towards the future has begun.

On the brink of a new industrial revolution, we wanted to design a highly efficient, technological and highly-performing plant. With these objectives in mind, we have created a fully automated and interconnected plant that will allow us to optimize processes and timing.

For our sector we have created a new industrial and cultural model.


aerospace systems


Suitable tools are needed to handle special loads, to support them both in terms of size and capacity.

This is why over the years we have acquired overhead cranes and forklifts capable of supporting increasingly significant loads to meet the needs of our customers.

To support our customers, Rossi Tre has chosen to collaborate with a company specialized in packaging and shipping. It is therefore possible for very large artefacts and/or items with distinctive shapes to be shipped directly from our facilities.

Overhead cranes

1 Crane 40t+40tSite 1
1 Crane20tSite1
1 Crane16tSite 1
1 Crane10tSite 1
2 Winches 16t+16t on sandblasting machineSite 1
1 Crane15tSite 2
3 Cranes12,5t+12,5tSite 2
1 Crane10tSite 2
2 Cranes25t+25tSite 2
1 Crane20t+20tSite 2
1 Crane8t+8tSite 2

Forklift trucks

Detas30qSite 1
Lugli50qSite 1
Linde60qSite 1
Carrer70qSite 1
Lugli80qSite 1
Mora100qSite 1
PlatformManituSite 1

Toyota35qSite 2
Linde50qSite 2
Linde50q clampsSite 2
Detas60q clampsSite 2
2 Linde60qSite 2
Linde160qSite 2
Toyota50qSite 3
Linde60qSite 3